Salmonid paradise on the lower north coast

The inn

The inn in American plan only

A capacity of 8 people in double occupancy.

The log cabin that welcomes you in a lounge atmosphere in the dining room and a luxurious annexed living room. You can take advantage of it to warm up with the fireplace.

Double-occupancy rooms with private bathroom including bedding.

Wifi and phone available at the lodge

Meals are served in the dining room.

• 7:00 am Breakfast
• 12:00 Lunch (if you go fishing on a remote lake lunch will be prepared.)
• 19:00 Dinner

Gourmet meals are prepared by our Chef Mélanie Racicot.

All you need to bring are your alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and your desired types of snacks.

N.B.: We limit our reservations to approximately 100 guests annually to provide 5 star service and keep this unique site as it is.
Pleased to welcome you,