Salmonid paradise on the lower north coast

Our History

Musquanousse means ” little bear ” in Algonquin.

1960 Mr. Kruger acquires the outfitter. He built the first building, which is now the staff dining room.

1984 Mr. Conley buys the outfitter.

1987 – 1996 Mr. Dagenais built the inn and the tool shed.

1997- 2018 Mr. and Mrs. Bobitte acquired the outfitter.

Mr. Bobitte and his cousin were the first guides to work for the Kruger family from 1966 to 1975.

Since their acquisition, the place has never stopped improving thanks to their hard work despite remote access and the nonexistence of the roads. They built the employees’ house, laid out trails for more than five kilometers, built wharves and boat ramps on the various lakes and, of course, the multiple sidewalks that facilitate portages.

2019 Mr. Desjardins and Mrs. Racicot

In the winter of 2018, we fell in love with this exceptional place, particularly with its amazing bodies of water as far as the eye can see. What about the lakes full of fish without fishing pressure? The ideal place to live our passion! In respect of tradition and nature, we will continue the work already started with pride.

Mr. Desjardins has over 40 years of experience in the fishing industry. Owner of the Old Montreal Fishing company who has become the reference of the guided fishing service in Quebec since 2010, he will be able to guide and advise you during your stay at the outfitter.

Mrs. Racicot, our pastry chef and cook with over 25 years of experience has great passion for culinary creativity and simplicity. She believes in cuisine which embodies bold flavours and fresh ideas. Her inviting dishes are not nearly as much a delight for the eyes as for the palate.

N.B.: We limit our reservations to approximately 100 guests annually to provide 5 star service and keep this unique site as it is.
Pleased to welcome you,