Salmonid paradise on the lower north coast


Lower North Shore Weather

The climate of the Lower North Shore is comparable to that prevailing in the northeastern United States. In summer, temperatures are between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius (62-82 degrees Fahrenheit) and June and September are cooler. The water temperature is between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius (50-60 degrees Fahrenheit).

What should I bring during my stay?

Clothes and accessories

• Long-sleeved shirts, windbreaker
• Long pants
• Knitwear or long sleeve sweaters
• Fleece jacket for the morning and evening
• Your favorite fishing hat, mosquito net, and buff
• Waterproof jacket good quality (Goretex recommended)
• Rubber boots (knee-high) to make small portages between each lake
• Sunscreen
• Polarized sunglasses
• Camera
• Spotting scope (it is possible to see several wild games by distance)
• Cooler

Fishing equipment

• Fishing equipment; fly rod and spining gear for lake fishing
• We suggest fly rods – 9 ft., silk no. 8 or 9, medium-fast action or 9 ft., silk no. 7, fast action
• Spey rod (if you want it) – we recommend however to bring a cane to one hand in addition
• Reel with the brake system, capable of holding a reserve of 140 m (150 yards) backing of 20 lbs.
• Floating silk with weight distributed at the front
• Intermediate plunging silk at the beginning and end of the season (optional)
• Breathable fishing waders
• Felt sole boots (no soles with crampons, please)
• Fishing wading belt
• Fishing jacket, chest bag or banana bag
• Bottom line fishing equipment; we recommend an assortment of 8 to 12 lb lines
• Fly box with an assortment of dry and drowned flies
• Spining gear : 6 to 7 feet, medium action, reels with braided line type fishing line, 10-15 lb. of resistance (recommended), 15 lb. fluorocarbon leader(recommended test because the bodies of water are crystalline, very clear water)

Additional Information

Earthworms are prohibited and not necessary for catching fish.

The main source of food for fish is smelt because there are plenty of them in all our lakes and rivers. It is therefore recommended to use fishing lures including spoons and crankbaits that imitate them.

We recommend the use of barbless hook to allow a better release, because you will make several.

A list of effective lures on our territory is available upon request (lures and flies).

If you do not have fishing gear, no worries! We can lend you all the necessary equipment under certain conditions.

N.B.: We limit our reservations to approximately 100 guests annually to provide 5 star service and keep this unique site as it is.
Pleased to welcome you,