Salmonid paradise on the lower north coast


Photos des espèces

• Atlantic Salmon: Average size 3-5 lb. Grils and large salmon 8-15 lb. (allowable quotas 1 small below 60 cm)
• Sea trout: Medium size 2-5 pounds (allowable quota 2 below 20 inches)
• Brook Trout: Medium size 1.5 -2 lb, large size 3-5 lb (allowable quotas 20)
• Ouananiche: Average size 3-5 lb., large format 7-8 lb (allowable quotas 6)
• Arctic char: 3-5 lb. average size, 10-12 lb. big size (allowable quotas 3)

The opening of our fishing season is June 1st and closing is September 15th.

N.B.: We limit our reservations to approximately 100 guests annually to provide 5 star service and keep this unique site as it is.
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