Salmonid paradise on the lower north coast

In river

The salmon river is unique and it is composed of several bits of a river and a chain of lakes on 28 km (only fly fishing is allowed in the river, see the information section to know what type of fishing rod is better to bring). It is possible to catch all the species present here, but mainly salmon and sea trout. 8 pool arranged as a trail from the sea over a distance of 8 km.

Since the river is not very wide (at most 100 feet wide at some point), it is easy for a novice fisherman to become familiar with fly fishing. Our experienced guides will assist you as needed.

If you do not have fishing gear, no worries! We can lend you all the necessary equipment under certain conditions.

Only one salmon (less than 60 cm grilse is allowed per fisherman and per package for possession, but you can catch as many fish as you like as long as you release them once your quota is reached. Two sea trout below 53 cm or 20 inches are allowed for possession and these will be part of your speckled trout quota. On the other hand, same as salmon; you can catch them as long as you release them.

N.B.: We limit our reservations to approximately 100 guests annually to provide 5 star service and keep this unique site as it is.
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