Salmonid paradise on the lower north coast


Our history

Musquanousse means ” little bear ” in Algonquin.

1960 Mr. Kruger acquires the outfitter. He built the first building, which is now the staff dining room.

1984 Mr. Conley buys the outfitter.

1987 – 1996 Mr. Dagenais built the inn and the tool shed.

1997– 2018 Mr. and Mrs. Bobitte acquired the outfitter…


What should I bring during my stay?
Clothes and accessories

• Long-sleeved shirts, windbreaker
• Long pants
• Knitwear or long sleeve sweaters
• Fleece jacket for the morning and evening
• Your favorite fishing hat, mosquito net, and buff
• Waterproof jacket good quality (Goretex recommended)…

Reservation and cancellation policy