Salmonid paradise on the lower north coast


The inn

The inn in American plan only

A capacity of 8 people in double occupancy.

The log cabin that welcomes you in a lounge atmosphere in the dining room and a luxurious annexed living room. You can take advantage of it to warm up with the fireplace
Double-occupancy rooms with private bathroom including bedding.
Meals are served in the dining room.

7:00 am Breakfast

12:00 Lunch (if you go fishing on a remote lake lunch will be prepared.)…


This cottage, located on the big Lake Musquanousse, is fully equipped for your comfort; bathroom, solar panel, and propane, refrigerator, stove and cutlery complete for the preparation of your meals. What you need to bring to stay there is your bedding and your food (condiments, salt and pepper, drinks and cooler).

The cottage capacity is 6 people maximum; three private rooms with double occupancy, a satellite phone (accessible for your safety), the fishing guide per stay can vary the number of people and there must be a minimum of 4 people to rent it…